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What To Consider When Choosing Dining Chairs For Your Home

Alongside dining tables, dining chairs are an essential part of every dining space. They help to provide both functionality and comfort for people to gather together over a meal, as well as complement the overall look and style of your home interior. Here are some tips to guide you if you are looking to buy quality dining chairs in Singapore.


Dining chairs in Singapore are crafted from a variety of materials, ranging from wood to metal as well as leather or fabric upholstery. Each of these materials has their own strengths to suit a variety of home interiors. Wood is a timeless choice to convey a traditional look for one’s home, particularly if surrounded by other wood furnishings. It is also sturdy and extremely resilient, easily lasting for many years with proper care.

Metal dining chairs provide a contemporary and industrial look, making them ideal for modern settings. They are also easily wipeable for ease of cleaning, making them perfect for alfresco dining for homes with an outdoors patio, and can be easily stacked up when not in use to facilitate space savings. Made from fabric or leather, upholstered dining chairs convey a sense of elegance and class to Singapore homes, while also softening the overall look of your dining space and complementing other fixtures such as rugs and accessories. They also feature padding to allow people to sit for extended periods in comfort, and enjoy a meaningful and luxurious dining experience.


Besides choice of material, Singapore homeowners should also consider the style of their chosen dining chairs. Some popular decor styles include rustic, modern, contemporary, and industrial, amongst others. Generally, rustic designs feature warm colours and utilise wood, modern and contemporary designs adopt clean lines, minimal upholstery, and solid colours; and industrial designs incorporate heavy use of metal and exposed framework.

Ideally, both your dining table and choice of dining chairs for your Singapore home should complement one another. This can range from their shared colour or finish, especially for wood-based tables and chairs; or design elements such as curves and angles. Your dining chairs should also complement the overall style of your home; such as matching the paint colour of the walls, carpeting patterns and tones, as well as living room furniture, particularly for open-concept homes.


To ensure a comfortable dining experience, homeowners in Singapore should ensure that the dining chairs they buy are to their ideal dimensions. It is important to measure the appropriate seat-height-to-table-height distance, so that diners have ample leg space as well as being able to comfortably place their arms on the dining table without slouching over. Measuring dining chair width and depth with respect to the dining table is also important when considering how many persons a dining table can comfortably seat, without causing guests to feel that they have a lack of personal space when dining.

Dining chairs also have the option for having an armrest or being armless. When buying dining chairs with armrests, remember to ensure that the tops of the arms do not brush against the underside of the tabletop, which can damage your furniture and cause diners to be unable to seat close enough to the table to dine comfortably. For ease of convenience, dining table sets pair a fixed number of dining chairs along with a dining table, ensuring that their dimensions are already complementary.

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