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Terms of Use


  • All prices stated on the website and in this context are in Singapore dollars.
  • Bless Brothers reserves the right to reject any order due to data error entry or for any other reason without liability to the Customer. This includes all cases of “zero” priced items. The Company will refund the Customer for all such cases.


  • The Warranty is specific and non-transferrable. Transference of the entitlement to the products from the original recipients to any other third parties will automatically void the warranty.
  • Where products are hand-made and made of natural materials, with certain inherent imperfections, including but not limited to minor discoloration, scar marks, irregular thickness, non-linear stitching and unevenness of the wooden surface, does not constitute defects. Customer accepts and acknowledges that he is fully aware of such variations and imperfections upon the point of transaction.
  • Regular-priced items have one (1) year Limited Structural Warranty effective from the date of delivery of the product, unless otherwise stated. This Warranty does not cover the occurrence of loose joints or wear and tear. If a purchased product is deemed to be irreparable or irreplaceable, an equivalent product or a model with similar functions will be offered or a Company cash voucher of the discounted value of the product on the straight-line depreciation basis over a three (3) year lifespan will be issued. The Warranty does not cover DIY products (Do It Yourself or Ready To Assemble), commercial-use products and accessories such as clocks and lamps.
  • The Warranty does not cover clearance, “As is” items, display items and items sold in Warehouse Sales, items distributed by third parties and items sold at any other promotional events or road shows.
  • Replacement products will only carry the remaining term of the original Warranty.
  • Replacement products for a Warranty claim may not be brand new.
  • Replacing the products under valid Warranty may take up to 12 weeks.
  • Unless otherwise stated, mattress/waterbeds of discounted price shall have only a one (1) year Limited Parts Warranty, regardless of what is stated in any pre-packaged Warranty card. On-site visits during this Warranty period are chargeable. The Warranty does not cover the sleeping surfaces of the mattress and the occurrence of wear and tear.
  • The Company has the right to inspect the product concerned upon receiving the Warranty claim. Failure or denial to provide adequate access will automatically void the Warranty.
  • The Company’s Warranty does not cover the consumables including but not limited to wallpaper, bed platforms, bed slats and services.
  • Free gifts are not covered by the Warranty.
  • The Customer shall be responsible to provide the necessary documents including clear copy of photographs and invoices before the site visits can be scheduled by the Company.
  • The Warranty will be automatically void in the event of unauthorized actions or attempt of such actions toward the Products without the consent from the Company, including but not limited to (a) alterations, (b) dismantling, relocation or removal of any parts from the products no matter whether they are accessible to the public except the Company’s authorized personnel only.

Product Specifications Disclosure

  • Certain products will not have full or any finish on certain surfaces and parts of products, including but not limited to the bases of table tops and legs, the backs of chests, the tops of wardrobes, the bottom of drawers and bed slats. It shall not be deemed as defects under the situation including but not limited to the following:
  • Fiberglass and polished stainless steel products shall be expected to have minor scratches and undulations. These do not constitute defects.
  • Leathers and fabrics most commonly used in this program are wool, viscose, nylon, and genuine cow and buffalo hide leather. Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that he is not allergic to such materials before transactions. The Company bears no responsibility for such claims.
  • The Company uses cardboard and other materials in the packaging for most of its products. These materials may occasionally cause “micro-scratches” to the surface of products. These scratches are usually touched up by the delivery/ service team on the day of delivery. Such does not constitute defects.
  • The random nature such as color, grain and texture of the product material has variations. Aging and use will also affect the color and texture of products. Such does not constitute defects.
  • Newly assembled/ installed products may not rest flush with the floor immediately. The products will gradually level out after a period of approximately 3 to 7 days of use.
  • Newly unpacked sofas may have crumpled lines, indentations and depressions. These will lessen in appearance over time. Such does not constitute defects.
  • Similar models or materials bought at different times will have certain levels of variations and may not match the products previously purchased. These variations do not constitute defects.
  • Goods sold at As-Is
  • Goods sold at promotional events, sold “As-Is”, as floor samples, or surplus in display items may have inherent cosmetic defects and may not have an appearance of being brand new. The Customer is fully aware of these cosmetic defects upon transactions and that the price discounts in the invoices reflect this acknowledgement.


  • All products sold are not designed by Bless Brothers Pte Ltd unless otherwise stated.

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