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Discover The Appeal of Designer Furniture in Singapore: A Must-Read

Ever scrolled through a furniture website to lay your eyes upon a sofa design you like, just to find out they don’t offer your desired 3-seater option? Yet, you don’t wish to settle on something that doesn’t fully meet your expectations so you click out of the website feeling disappointed.

If you are looking for stylish furnishings without compromising on functionality, there’s something about luxurious home furniture that’s nothing short of exceptional. Especially if this is your first time exploring high-end designer furniture in Singapore, the thought of making the final decision may seem daunting  – but here’s how this one-time purchase will become a well-loved investment that lasts for a lifetime: 

Top 4 Benefits of Luxurious Designer Furniture

1. Timeless appeal

As larger furniture like sofas will define your abode, a key rule is to first choose a design that’ll never go out of style. You’ll have to go with your instincts for this one as you ultimately want to create a home that’s uniquely yours. But as a start, timeless pieces like Chesterfield sofas, for example, can add loads of character to your abode and are distinct classics that will never fall out of favour – even amidst passing interior design trends each year. The French style of vintage Chesterfield sofas offers a timeless appeal that looks good in any space, which is why this sofa style makes an alluring option for many homeowners in Singapore. 

With bold statement pieces like Ashbrooke Pacific and Jester 3 Seater Vintage Sofa, your one-of-a-kind Chesterfield sofa can also make your interior stand out from the rest and stay iconic in years to come. 

2. Sturdiness designed to last

We all have our favourite go-to spot on the sofa, whether it’s for reading or catching up on the latest television shows. And oftentimes, that area may wear down more noticeably than others. Even for dining chairs, the more utilised ones may crack or wrinkle when used on a daily basis – taking into account occasional spills and food stains. As you consider the best choices for your home, rest assured that well-chosen designer furniture is made of genuine leather and high-quality fabrics to maintain its sturdy shape. When thinking ahead, the right designer furniture can make a worthy investment in the long haul as the material is designed to look as good as new – more so with proper care.

3. Add value to your space

Besides homes, if you are in the process of decorating your office space, high-quality designer furniture can enhance the aesthetics of your work environment. An important question to ask yourself is, do you often arrange for meetings with clients in your office? If that’s a yes, it makes your office interior design even more important in setting the stage for success. Especially if you’re having face-to-face meetings with prospective clients regularly, a well-designed workspace can convey professionalism and leave an impactful impression.

As such, purchasing designer furniture that does not compromise on comfort is something worth considering for many businesses in Singapore. And while you’re at it, add a matching armchair to encourage easier conversations. 

4. Customisable

While other furniture stores come with ready-made options, furniture exporters like Bless Brothers offer a wide variety of furniture pieces to suit your taste and budget. If you have previously faced the dilemma of finding the right seating configuration with the furniture style you’re coveting for, have peace of mind as our vintage sofa designs range from 1- to 4-seater arrangements. On top of various seater options, you also have a myriad of vintage leather designs to choose from in order to find the perfect fit for your interior needs. The best part is, you can expect luxurious furniture at affordable prices made possible when it comes to Bless Brothers.

If you’re just starting to explore the designer furniture options in Singapore, you won’t want to miss out on our curated selection of vintage classics and contemporary pieces today. Get started with Bless Brothers today.

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